Sunday 20 November 2016

Scanning QR Codes and SMS Notifications

Scan QR Code

A new version of the TrakIT Android app has been released with the capability to scan QR Codes created in TrakIT. The option is available in slide-out main menu.

Upon clicking the 'Scan QR Code' button, the app opens the camera (provided permission is given), and you can scan the QR code displayed. Upon recognizing the QR Code, the app directly opens the associated work order in the app.

SMS Notifications

TrakIT can now send out SMS notifications to customers when events visible to the customer are updated in work orders. To enable SMS for customers, you need to add 'External' users along with their mobile numbers and link them to the customers. Linking them also gives those users to access TrakIT directly in the browser and view their shipments.

Please note that an SMS gateway must be enabled and accessible for your company for TrakIT to use SMS functionality. If you  have any questions on how to enable SMS notifications, please contact TrakIT Support.