Saturday 11 October 2014

TrakIT can expand!

With computer monitors getting larger, TrakIT seemed to be getting smaller in width. Until now, TrakIT was fixed in width at about 960 pixels so it would fit comfortably on a screen of 1024 pixels horizontal resolution.

With the latest update, TrakIT has changed it width to be "fluid". This means that if you have a larger screen, TrakIT will expand to try and fill the width of your screen. Smaller monitors will continue in the same way.

For larger monitors, TrakIT will expand all the way to a maximum of 1350 pixels. All appropriate elements on the screen will re-size accordingly to provide more working space.

For any clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.

Thursday 9 October 2014

TrakIT bids good bye to Internet Explorer 7

It's been coming a while and we've finally disabled IE 7 support for TrakIT. TrakIT will now refuse any user who is using any browser that identifies itself as IE 7 or earlier.

IE 7 and earlier browsers are known for extremely buggy behavior that require countless developer hours to make simple page layout work properly. Even later browsers (IE 8 and 9) can use compatibility mode that makes them behave like IE 7. This mode can be set by default for Intranet sites.

If you are using IE 7 or earlier, or your browser is reporting itself to be IE 7, you will see the below message when you try to open TrakIT:

To resolve this, please upgrade your browser to a later version. If you are already using IE 8 or later and are still seeing the above message, please switch off compatibility mode. Go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings and un-check "Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility Mode". See image below:

If you are still having any issues with your browsers, please contact TrakIT Support and we will assist you immediately.