Tuesday 25 February 2020

Multi-Office Job Costing within a Shipment

There are many shipment workflows that are carried out by more than country or office. In such a case, each office has it's own job costing and profitability statement for the same shipment. TrakIT supports multi-office accounting within the same shipment. However, approval of the estimates and closing of the job was done at the shipment level.

In the upcoming update, each office involved in the shipment will be able to separately request, approve estimates and close the job for their own office only. And as currently, users cannot view accounts from offices they are not assigned to.

The above will be accomplished in a few steps:
  1. Remove Office field from Master Accounts
  2. Add 'Multi-Office Finance' flag on the workflow
  3. Add Office field at Workflow Account definitions
  4. Add Office field at Shipment Accounts

The above changes will make the job accounting system more flexible and allow the same account to be used in multiple offices. We will also be providing multi-office access for users that belong to shared teams and offices.

These changes will be implemented and released in the upcoming weeks. For any questions or clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.