Monday 29 April 2024

Update Events from QR Codes

It is a challenging task to get drivers to update pickups, deliveries and other events using the TrakIT Mobile app as they may not be well-versed in how the app works.

With the latest update, we've made it extremely simple for drivers to update events in a work order by simply scanning a QR Code from the TrakIT Mobile app.


On any Work Order-based form (such as Pickup Order or Delivery Note), insert the QR Code in the place where you would like to display it. The code will contain the event that needs to be triggered. It is also possible to have multiple QR codes on a single form (one for each event). Ideally, a description of the QR Code should be placed below the code. An example (with a dummy QR Code) is shown below.


Once the form is printed, the driver can open the TrakIT Mobile app, tap the scan button on the bottom right corner and scan the QR code. Upon successful scan, the event is immediately updated and the driver is notified of the same.

Any automation actions on the event will be triggered immediately - such as sending an email or SMS to the customer. If the event was already updated previously, it won't update again.

Please note that the validation rules in place for the event are still valid. If the event cannot be updated due to some other validations in place, the error message is returned to the driver.

Please contact TrakIT Support to help set up QR Codes for your forms or let us know if you have any questions.