Friday 31 July 2020

Extending Workflow Groups

Workflow Groups have been a little used feature in TrakIT. These basically help you organize workflows into logical groups. Every workflow created in TrakIT belongs to a group (by default, there a group called 'General').

With the latest update, we're expanding Workflow Groups to play a larger role in organization and display of workflows. The Workflow Groups now has it's own page where these can be defined - this page is only accessible by System Administrators.

Menu Organisation

Workflow Groups is now available under the Admin menu for System Administrators only.

The 'Operations' menu has now been renamed to 'Workflows' and the workflow groups now appear as sub-menus under it. This means that each workflow group has it's own page. The columns displayed on the table on each workflow group can be customized as required.

The Finance > Shipments sub-menu is now renamed to "Workflows" and it displays all the relevant workflow groups as tabs in the page. It is possible to disable tabs for specific workflow groups that don't need to be in the Finance module.

In upcoming updates, workflow groups will be linked to roles so that users only see workflow groups relevant to their roles.

For any questions or concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.