Saturday 19 January 2013

New Changes

With the latest build of TrakIT, the following changes have been implemented:

Advanced Reports - WO Status Filter

Advanced Reports can now include closed work orders for which the last event occurred less than three months ago. A new filter called Status has been introduced in the Advanced Reports' available filters using which you can choose to include Active, Abandoned, Cancelled or Closed work orders in the report.

In order to avoid including closed work orders for existing advanced reports, the Status filter has been added to all advanced reports to include only Active and Abandoned work orders. If you wish to change this, remove the Status filter and then add it again as per your requirements.

Primary Services and KPI Filters Refresh

The Primary Services and KPI filters can now be refreshed after the corridor filter has been set, so that only the Primary Services or KPIs that are included in the selected corridors are displayed. After selecting the corridors, just click on the icon to refresh the KPIs and Primary Services list.

Container Tracking -  Demurrage Calculation

The Container Tracking module can now calculate the demurrage of containers that have exceeded the allocated free days. The Demurrage rate can be specified in the Corridor Definitions > Corridor Free Days section. It is set as per the Carrier and size of the container.

When an 'Entry' event is populated in a work order, the container is added to the Tracking list and the demurrage is obtained as per the corridor free days settings for the carrier.

The Demurrage Rate and Free days can be modified in the Container Tracking module.

The Demurrage Rate, Total Demurrage, Exit Work Order number as well as the Exit Date columns have been added to the Container Tracking Export function.

'Created On' option added to Event Filter in Ops Page

The Event filter in the operations page can now search for Work Orders created during a selected period.

Both 'From' and 'To' days are inclusive. Additionally, if only 'From' or 'To' is populated, the system will return the results where the dates are after the 'From' date or before the 'To' date respectively.

Another change in the Events filter is that 'NA' events are now not included in date searches.

For any questions of clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.