Monday 16 July 2012

Dynamic Dashboard

With the latest build of TrakIT (build 55), the Dashboard page is now dynamic with addition and removal of charts and graphs.

Users can not set their own charts and graphs on their Dashboard. Currently, the following types of charts are available:

Work Order Creation - This is the basic graph that was present earlier and displays the number of work orders created each month.

KPI Performance Graph - This is a trend chart that displays the average calculated days of a selected KPI over the selected time period. The KPI is selected from the Master KPI list.

Event Occurrence Trend - This is a trend chart that displays the number of work orders for a particular event occurring during a month. Although the selection of the event is made from a single corridor, the event code is used to obtain the events from all corridors selected in the filters. For example: If you selected the event 'Discharged' from the list, TrakIT will use the event code (default 'DIS'), and obtain the corresponding events from all corridors selected in the filters.

Top 10 Pie Charts - These display pie charts that previously existed as well as the addition of a few more charts.

Each chart can be removed by clicking the close button. And the source data for each chart can be exported to MS-Excel by clicking the Excel icon.

For any questions, please contact TrakIT Support.

Monday 2 July 2012

Active Filters & Excel Filters

With the latest update, Build 54, released yesterday, below are two changes (among many others) that were released:

Visually Distinctive Filters - The filters on the Operations page are now displayed in a light red colour if they are playing an active role in obtaining the list of work orders that you see. This makes it very easy to visually see which filters are in effect.

Excel Export Template & Header Filters - In the Customs & Advanced Reports, you now have the option to choose an Excel File (that maybe contains your company logo) as a template to use for exports. Additionally, you can choose to apply filters on the header row for receipients to quickly filter down to the information they need.

For any questions or concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.