Saturday 20 July 2013

Support for Foreign Languages

We're happy to announce that with the latest update of TrakIT, we have begun translating TrakIT in the user's own language.

Of course, as you may expect, this is by no means a small task - one that will take many months. But we have embarked upon this journey and will make sure we implement it to the extent where non-English speaking users are more than comfortable using TrakIT.

For the test phase of this project, we have picked Spanish and French and at the moment, only the main menus, some common buttons and some tab headers have been translated.

You can now change your language by clicking on the tiny flag at the bottom left on any main page:

This opens a window where you can choose your default language in TrakIT:

Once your choice is made, TrakIT will remember it until you or Admin change it.

Please note that all our translations are currently obtained from the internet and we're trying to source a native french or spanish translator. If you find a mistake or can suggest a better translation, please let us know so that we can correct it.

Also, please note that translations only apply to the user interface or to static text in TrakIT. For obvious reasons, user supplied data, such as corridor names, event/data names, work order remarks, new articles, etc. cannot be translated. Admins may consider localizing some event/data names if they wish to do so for their corridors.

We request TrakIT users to please let us know if they can provide us with translations to their native language. Any translation help is more than welcome!

Among other changes and fixes, a 'Sort By' field has been added to Advanced Report Subscriptions. A user can choose from one or more fields and the advanced report will be sorted by that field.

For any questions, clarifications or for offering translation help, please contact TrakIT Support.