Tuesday 27 April 2021

Changes in Entity Management

The Entity Management section is the master data for all entities that are involved in the shipment. TrakIT has several types of entities available. Some of these are linked to the work orders, but some not.

Based on business requirements, the following changes have been implemented in Entity Management:

Multi-Type Entities

Previously, an entity could only be one type. A customer could only be a customer and not a transporter. This lead to the creation of some duplicate entities where the same entity was acting in multiple capacities.

Now, a new tab 'Multi-Type' has been added that can allow you to assign multiple types to any entity. The entity will still have it's primary original type. But it can now have additional types as well.

Customer, Shipper & Receiver

Previously, the Shipper & Receiver fields in the shipment would pick directly from the Customer entities. Now, the Shipper and Receiver have been created as independent entity types that can be separate from customers. 'Contractual Customer' has been renamed to simply 'Customer'.

The original Customers have been assigned the additional types of Shipper & Receiver so as not to make any breaking changes.

You can now create entities that are Shippers or Receivers or both - as and when required.

Local Name

A new field called 'Local Name' has been added. This field can be use to populate the name of the entity in the country's local language or script. The local name can then be used for Invoices and other forms where it may be legally required.

For any clarifications or questions, please contact TrakIT Support.