Saturday 30 March 2013

Demurrage Container Type, Update Delay and other changes

With the latest TrakIT release today (build 79), the following changes were released:

Container Type Added to Demurrage Definitions

The demurrage definitions for a corridor now contains the container type. The rates are applied only when the container type matches. As a consequence, the Container Type field is now a mandatory field and can be selected when creating new work orders. The default container type is now 'General/Dry'. All work orders that did not have a container type selected are now set to the default container type.

Please note that the container type of the work order must match the container type in the definitions exactly along with the other parameters. There is no definition that covers all container types. So therefore, rates for each Container Type must be explicitly defined for each combination of Carrier and/or Shipment Type.

Update Delay added to Data Quality report

A new column 'Update Delay' has been added to the events table. This measures the average number of days between the event itself and the time it is updated. The actual delay is measured in days: A figure of zero means the event was updated the same day itself. A figure of one means it was updated the next. The Update Delay is the average of the delay in days.

'Info Only' columns such as ETA are not included in the grouped average for the corridor.

 Entity Group filter added to Dashboard

The Entity Group filter has been added to the dashboard to enable users to see statistics of Entity Groups.

Event/Data Remarks export

In Custom or Advanced reports, users can now choose to export the remarks of the Event of Data item in a work order instead of the date or value of the Event or Data.

Earliest or Latest Date

For Custom or Advanced reports that are 'By Shipment', you can now select the earliest or latest event of all the work orders in the shipment.

KPI in Hours or Days

KPI fields in Custom or Advanced reports can be exported in days instead of hours. However, please note that the days will be either running days or business days depending on the KPI definition.

UI Re-design

The user interface has been tweaked and re-designed to provide simpler layouts, a more consistent and cleaner look. Further changes to the layout may be made over the next few builds.

For any questions of clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.