Saturday 23 February 2013

Changes released with Build 76

Item List for Work Order Data

You can now define a semi-colon separated list of items that a can be used to fill in work order data in Corridor Definitions > Corridor > Work Order Data > Edit Data. The list can contain any number of items as long as the total size is within 200 characters.

When a user clicks on the data text box in the work order page, the list of items pops up and the user can select any item from the list. Although the user can also type in as usual, the text will be accepted only if it belongs to the list of items.

Open KPI Report

The Active Work Order Report has not been changed to Open KPI Report. This report lists the statistics of all KPIs that are in an open condition, irrespective of the status of the work order. 

The original Active Work Order report can now be generated through the KPI Performance Report by selecting Active and Abandoned work orders in the filter.

Primary Service Selection

Users can now select two or more primary services in work orders. In the next update of TrakIT, we will be removing the concept of primary and secondary services and leaving only services.

T/D (or S/I) field size changed

The Bill of Lading number (T/D or S/I) can not hold 40 characters instead of 20.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.