Monday 8 April 2019

Introducing Geofence Notifications

With an increasing number of our clients using multi-vendor GPS integration, TrakIT has excelled at tracking locations of assets such as trucks and users. Until now, TrakIT could only collect and display location information about GPS enabled assets.

With the latest update, we have enabled Geofence Notifications - which basically means that TrakIT can generate a notification when an asset or a user enters, exits or overstays at a particular location.

To enable such notifications, you first need to create a Geofence around a depot or location. In the example shown below, a geofence of 500 meters has been set around the Keppel Harbour in Singapore.

You can set up any number of Geofences. Once they are set, TrakIT start monitoring the locations of all GPS enabled assets or users and detects when they enter or exit a geofence area. Or, you can get an alert if an asset or user stays beyond a pre-defined limit within a geofence area.

After your geofences are created, you can create Geofence Triggers to get notifications. Go to System > Depot List > Geofence Triggers and click 'Add Trigger'. The following window opens:

You can specify the type of trigger and also set the type of notifications sent as well as the recipients of the notifications.

The "Geofence Log" tab will display all geofence events, irrespective of whether a notification trigger was created for it.

In the next update of TrakIT, geofence triggers will have the capability to update Events and Data fields of work orders where the asset is attached. This will automate most 'Arrival' and 'Departure' events in TrakIT.

For any questions, clarifications or issues, please contact TrakIT Support.