Friday 20 December 2019

Seasons Greeting and a Happy New Year

All of us at Bitmetric would like to wish you all good health, comfort and prosperity this holiday season...

Friday 13 December 2019

Finalisation of Invoices and Bills

With the latest update of TrakIT another step has been added in Invoices and Bills: Finalise

Previously, it was possible to "Un-Approve" or "Un-Validate" an invoice or bill respectively. This has, in some cases, lead to duplication of invoice/bill syncing. To prevent such cases, we have added a "Finalise" step.

Once an invoice or bill is finalised, it cannot be reverted back to another state and is locked permanently. Syncing with Finance systems will happen only after the invoice or bill is finalised.

For any questions of concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.

Monday 21 October 2019

Workflow Comparison

With the latest update, you can now compare workflows for matching events, data fields, accounts & other information.

On the Workflow Definitions page, click the 'Compare Workflows' button to open the comparison page.

Select Workflow A and Workflow B to compare and select the tab to compare. A result of both workflows is displayed side by side.

The Match column indicates the following:

Yes - Both the name and code is present in the other workflow
No - No matches found in the other workflow
Partial - Either the Code or Name is present in the other workflow

You can also see the matching codes or name highlighted when hovering the pointer over the particular fields.

For any questions or assistance, please contact TrakIT Support.

Monday 7 October 2019

Geo-tag your documents

With the latest update of the TrakIT Android App, all documents that are uploaded on work orders will now have the location information attached (Latitude / Longitude).

The following document types will get the location attached:
  • Camera captures
  • Gallery photos
  • Documents from the file manager
  • Signatures


Once the document is uploaded, it will appear with a location icon  as shown below on the Work Order Documents tab.

Clicking the location icon will display the document location in a popup.

For any questions or assistance, please contact TrakIT Support.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Get your own Dashboards

Even though TrakIT is a highly customizable and configurable system, it was always a challenge to create dashboards that would fulfill the requirements of all our clients. Not anymore - TrakIT now has the capability of having customized dashboards and/or pages specific for each of our clients.

Over a month ago, we released a new feature in TrakIT that made many of our customers happy - Dynamic Pages. This allows us to create and present pages, dashboards and other screens specific for your requirements.

You let us know what you need to see in your dashboard or page and we'll create it for you. The dashboard or customized page can contain any information at all, based on any filters applicable. It can be customized per user, per role, per location as so on. It can be made visible to specific users or roles as required. The dashboard(s) or page(s) we create will be used only by your company. 

Here are a few examples of customized dashboards to see the status of Trucks across their journey:

Depending on the complexity of the dashboard, it might take a few days to a few weeks to implement it. But once ready, you can use it as much as you like and further customize it based on requirements and feedback. And the best part - customized dashboards and pages are available free of cost!

What are you waiting for? Get your Dashboard now. Contact TrakIT Support and let them know what you need.

Monday 8 April 2019

Introducing Geofence Notifications

With an increasing number of our clients using multi-vendor GPS integration, TrakIT has excelled at tracking locations of assets such as trucks and users. Until now, TrakIT could only collect and display location information about GPS enabled assets.

With the latest update, we have enabled Geofence Notifications - which basically means that TrakIT can generate a notification when an asset or a user enters, exits or overstays at a particular location.

To enable such notifications, you first need to create a Geofence around a depot or location. In the example shown below, a geofence of 500 meters has been set around the Keppel Harbour in Singapore.

You can set up any number of Geofences. Once they are set, TrakIT start monitoring the locations of all GPS enabled assets or users and detects when they enter or exit a geofence area. Or, you can get an alert if an asset or user stays beyond a pre-defined limit within a geofence area.

After your geofences are created, you can create Geofence Triggers to get notifications. Go to System > Depot List > Geofence Triggers and click 'Add Trigger'. The following window opens:

You can specify the type of trigger and also set the type of notifications sent as well as the recipients of the notifications.

The "Geofence Log" tab will display all geofence events, irrespective of whether a notification trigger was created for it.

In the next update of TrakIT, geofence triggers will have the capability to update Events and Data fields of work orders where the asset is attached. This will automate most 'Arrival' and 'Departure' events in TrakIT.

For any questions, clarifications or issues, please contact TrakIT Support.

Saturday 23 March 2019

Role Access for Workflow Events & Data

TrakIT allows you to set which roles can access each event or data field in a work order. This can be set by going into the detail page of an event or data fields and setting the permissions as shown on the below screenshot:

However, if there are a large number of events or data fields that need to be set, then it can be quite cumbersome to go through all events and data fields and set the permissions on each one.

To enable users to set role permissions for all events and data fields in one go, we have released a new page under Admin > Role Management.

Once you select a workflow and a role, you can set the permissions for all events and data fields in one go.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.

Friday 22 February 2019

Introducing Multi-Location Deliveries

TrakIT now supports multi-location delivery of shipments. You can now add depots not just as Origin or Destination, but any number of depots.

A new option called 'Depot List' has been added to Side Menu in work orders. This opens a window where you can add multiple depots. If the locations of the depots have been defined, TrakIT will use Google Distance Matrix to calculate the time and distance for all depots.

You can also re-order / add / delete the depots and TrakIT will automatically re-calculate the distance and time.

The Origin Depot and Destination Depot sill work in the same way - however, there are linked to the first and last Depot respectively in the Depot list.

Please contact TrakIT Support for any queries or clarifications.

Monday 28 January 2019

Introducing Validation Expressions

With the increasingly complex requirements coming from business rules and logic, we have implemented an extremely flexible way to validate Events and Data fields being entered in TrakIT.

A new field called 'Validation Expression' has been added to Events and Data fields in workflows. 

This field allows you to write a custom expression to determine whether the value entered for the Event or Data field is valid. An example could be:

$ABC$=='' || $XYZ$==''?'Both ABC and XYZ are required':''

The above expression requires the fields ABC and XYZ to be populated before this field can be set. You can also use $VALUE$ to refer to the value being entered by the user (or @Value if the expression is SQL based)

As custom expressions can be very complex, we suggest you contact TrakIT Support to supply you with the relevant expression for the validation you need.

The Validation Expression field can accept both Javascript syntax expressions and full SQL query validation as well. The expression must return an empty value if the validation is passed or an appropriate error message if the validation fails.

Please contact TrakIT Support for any questions of queries.