Friday 25 September 2015

More about Functions

Although users in TrakIT have different roles and responsibilities, they can make updates on all events or data fields in a work order if their role and location assigned allows them to.

However, in many circumstances, not all events should be update-able by a user who has access to a work order. For example, you might not want a user in sales updating events that are supposed to be updated by Operations.

With the help of ‘Functions’, Administrators can assign specific rights to events so that only the events or data which match a user's functions can allow the user to update them.

When an event or data field is assigned to one or more functions, only those users who are assigned to one or more matching functions can update that event or data field.

Functions are defined by System Administrators in Master Tables > Function Definitions.

Assigning functions happens in two steps:

1) First the event should have one or more functions assigned to it. As an example below, the 'Shipping Order Received' event can have as many functions as you want to assign. Select ‘Functions’ from the row menu in Corridor Definitions and then you will get complete list of functions.

2) We can assign functions to users via User Management. Assigning functions to a user can be done while creating user profile or by editing user profile. Users who are not assigned to functions, will not be able to edit event or data fields that are assigned to functions. They will, however, be able to view them. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

A Fresh New Website

We've update the TrakIT web site. Our new site is fully responsive (adapts to mobile devices) and has a fresh site design with minimal clutter and an easy layout.

We hope you like it! Suggestions are welcome :) 

Thursday 20 August 2015

Custom Reports Improved

Among other changes in the latest update of TrakIT, the Custom Reports page has been re-designed and improved.

'Corridor Selection' has been removed and reports from all corridors display together. A new filter section has been added to enable users to find specific reports based on various fields.

As usual, when the a report is selected, the report details (Fields, Customer & User Subscriptions) display below the report.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.

Monday 20 July 2015

Get Events Relevant to Customers Only

Until now, there was no dedicated way to have only the events relevant to the customer set as the status of the events. Reports that had the "Last Event" field that were going out to customers, would include internal workflow events that were not relevant to the customer.

With the latest update of TrakIT, two new header fields have been introduced for Custom & Advanced Reports: Customer Status and Customer Status Date. These fields work just like the Last Event and Last Event Date fields, except that only those events that are relevant to the customer will appear here.

The work order header now displays the event information as shown below:

You can now add these fields in Custom and Advanced Reports:

Defining Customer Relevant Events

How does TrakIT know which events are relevant to the customer? This can be set in the event definitions in the corridors.

When creating a new event or modifying it, set the field "Customer Access" as required. The field has three options:

NoAccess - The event is not relevant to customers
Visible - The event is relevant to customers and the event can be set as the status of the work order.
Updatable - The event is visible and also updatable by the customer.

Customers who are registered for Status update emails will only get emails when the Customer Status event changes, and not when other events are updated.

For any questions or concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Recipient of Which Reports?

With the latest TrakIT release, users can see what reports have them listed as a recipient.

Go to Report > My Reports. Your favorite reports are now displayed under the relevant tab and the list of reports in which you are a recipient is displayed under the 'Report Recipient' tab.

Please note that this list shows only those reports where you have been added as a recipient using your TrakIT profile. If your email was added directly as a report recipient, it won't display here.

To remove yourself as a report recipient, just click the red cross icon. To add your self back, you will need to go to the report subscription and add yourself as a recipient.

For any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact TrakIT Support.