Sunday, 27 May 2012

Update to Bulk Updates & Event Email Notifications

With build 51 of Trakit released today, two significant changes have taken place:

1) Bulk Updates

Previously, users had to copy and paste content from an Excel worksheet into a text box. TrakIT would scan the entire content against the database to look for changes. This was a time consuming and resource intensive process.

With the update released today, users must directly upload the Excel file for TrakIT to process. Changes to the data must be highlighted in yellow so that TrakIT need not compare every value against the database. Instructions are included on the Bulk Update page.

Furthermore, as the bulk update may take time, the result of the bulk update is emailed to the user instead of being displayed on the page. This allows TrakIT to process large excel files in the background instead of tying up the user.

Bulk Update Excel files can also be emailed to TrakIT with the subject 'TrakIT Update'. The attachment would be processed in the same way as if it was uploaded via the Bulk Update page.

2) Email Notifications

The alert subscription page has been renamed to 'Email Notifications'. Users can now subscribe to changes in event or corridor data in a work order for any corridor.

When an event or data item is changed in the work order, an consolidated email is sent to all subscribed users within half an hour.

For any questions of clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.