Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Understanding Services

TrakIT allows users to define services for a corridor. A service is basically a set of related events and data in a corridor. When creating new work orders, you may choose one or more services that the client has requested or the shipment demands.

TrakIT has a list of pre-defined services for each type of corridor (Import, Export or Round-trip). These are defined in Admin > Master Tables > Corridor Services. A service can also be defined as a primary service (that appears in bold). If you need a new service to be defined here, please contact your Admin or SysAdmin and they will create it for you.

Services are not automatically available in any corridor. Events must be linked to services explicitly in order for those services to be listed when creating a work order.

In order to understand services better, consider the following simplified sequence of events that have been defined in a corridor:

As you may see, Customs Clearance can be defined as a service and it will include events 2 & 3. And, you may have two more services: Trucking Direct or Trucking to ICD, of which only one must be selected (i.e, they will be primary services).

The pre-defined services in TrakIT can be linked to any Event and Data items defined in the corridor. In the above sequence, we would link events 2 & 3 to the service Customs Clearance. Furthermore, events 4 & 5 would be linked to both services Trucking Direct and Trucking to ICD. Event 6 would be linked only to Trucking Direct and event 7 would be linked only to Trucking to ICD. Accordingly, data items such as "Truck Registration" and "Driver's Name" should be linked to both trucking services. Each event in the corridor definition lists the number of services to which it is linked, as displayed below:

As you can see, events & data can be linked to more than one service. Events or Data items that are not linked to any service will always be included in a work order. The 'Services' filter on top lists all the services that the events are attached to.

Here is how our sequence of events looks like, after linking to the respective services:

When a user creates a new work order, the following services will be listed: Customs Clearance, Trucking Direct & Trucking to ICD. Depending on the selection of services, the relevant events will be added to the work order.

For example, if no service is selected, only events 1 & 8 will be available in the work order. If only Trucking Direct is selected, event 1, 4, 5, 6 & 8 will be used and so on for other services.

A user may change the services selected for an active work order at any time - however, this may lead to some events being removed or added, so it must be done very carefully.

Ideally, services should be selected while creating a work order. Avoid changing services later as this may lead to loss of populated events and data.

The services selected for a work order can easily be exported in Custom or Advanced reports as well as the Operations page export.

For any further questions or clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.