Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Introducing SQL Reports

At TrakIT Support, we regularly receive a significant number of requests for data or reports that are beyond the scope of Advanced Reports - which were designed for shipment related information only.

To provide users access to complex and ad-hoc reports of any kind, the latest update of TrakIT now includes SQL Reports. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the means by which TrakIT performs all database operations. An SQL report directly uses pre-defined SQL to generate the report and is not limited by any condition as other reports are - even non-shipment related data such as user logon statistics, customer statistics, etc.

However, as users are likely not familiar with SQL, we will take care of writing the actual query as per the data requested by the users. And, due to security issues, we cannot expose the actual query to users. But, once the report is ready, users will be able to generate the report any time they wish or even set the report to be sent at scheduled intervals to selected recipients just like Custom or Advanced reports.

SQL Reports can be accessed from Reports > SQL Reports. Each report now allows recipients to be set as either direct (To), carbon-copy (Cc) or blind carbon-copy (Bcc). TrakIT users can be set has recipients directly by just typing and selecting their names. Other email addresses can be set once typed properly and added. This is also a new feature in TrakIT that will be soon extended to other report types as well.

This is the first release of SQL Reports and we will continuously improve upon the report based on feedback from users.

For any questions of clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.