Friday, 1 July 2016

TrakIT Customers and Finance Job Changes

TrakIT Customers

Over the next few updates of TrakIT, we will be making some significant changes to the way TrakIT handles customers of shipments. The scope of the changes can be summarized as follows:
  1. Make Contractual Customer as the main customer and make it mandatory
  2. Disallow Contractual Customer and Shipper/Receiver to be work order specific
  3. Status Update Notifications to be sent to Contractual Customer instead of Shipper/Receiver
  4. Split Shipper/Receive field into Shipper and Receiver
While it sounds simple enough, there are many other related changes with respect to reports and status updates that will need to be changed.

In this update of TrakIT, we've implemented point 1 and 2:

Contractual Customer is now Mandatory - The Contractual Customer field has switched places with Shipper/Receiver is now the first field to be filled when creating a new work order.

Change of Contractual Customer and Shipper/Receiver always apply to T/D - When modifying a work order header, changing the contractual customer or shipper/receive will always apply to the whole shipment and cannot be changed on individual work orders.

The check-boxes for "Apply to T/D" will always be disabled for Contractual Customer and Shipper/Receiver.

For any questions or concerns regarding the current and upcoming changes, please contact TrakIT Support.

Finance Job

With the latest update, we've added the Contractual Customer's credit status to display on the Finance Job page. Additionally, a "Details" link has been added next to the Weight/Volume field to display details for individual work order.

The Income, Expense and Margin columns are now displayed on the Finance Summary page as well.

For any questions or concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.