Tuesday 5 April 2022

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

In today’s data-driven environment, business dashboards are a must. You can stay aligned on responsibilities and goals with everything you and your team need to know and do in one place.

You can keep track of your KPIs, warehousing storage, CRM / leads milestones, top entities and much more. With the help of RAG feature, you can learn the number of shipments/perishable stock which are within the timeline, are delayed or within the buffer period and which are way out of the timeline and needs immediate attention.

A example of a User-Specific Dashboard with RAG feature

TrakIT helps you to make profitable and productive decisions with their customizable dashboards. Dashboards can be filtered based on customers, specific milestones, user specific conditions and so on. Reports and underlying data can be downloaded in the excel format whenever needed.

 An example of KPI Performance Tracking

TrakIT dashboards are user-friendly, easy to manage, customizable as per business needs.