Sunday 18 February 2024

Automate Now!

Did you know that you can set up TrakIT to automatically take any number of actions after an event occurs? Automation is one of the system's core features.

Are you manually sending messages, documents, or reports to internal users, customers or vendors? Ask TrakIT Support to set up the system to automatically do what you need based on when you need it done.

Set up scheduled reports to send information to anyone based on specific filters.

Automatically send notifications and messages, as well as post documents to other systems via API or FTP. If there is something you need to do automatically, let us know and we will implement it.

TrakIT also supports TrakIT-to-TrakIT communication and updates. And provides webhooks for other systems to update data in TrakIT. We develop and implement custom integrations with external systems such as terminals, port authorities, and finance systems using any kind of file exchange format. 

Connect with TrakIT Support to learn more.