Saturday, 25 February 2012

Build 32 Released

TrakIT - Build 32
Released: 25th February 2012

Build 32 has been released today and includes many changes and fixes. The major changes are listed below:

1. Editing the Work Order header has been completely redesigned. You can now apply each field to the shipment or work order individually. The information has also been grouped for easier access. It is possible to change the Shipment number or Customer as well.

2. The Customer & Responsible Person has fields have changed to a auto-complete texbox when editing the Work Order Header.

3. When changing the corridor or service(s) for a Work Order, you have the option to apply the change to the entire shipment. This is enabled by default.

4. Date selection modes have been added to KPI definitions. When several events are used for a KPI, it is possible to choose between the events using one of three options:First Found, Earliest & Latest.

5. A 'Remarks for Shipment' field has been added to each work order. This field automatically replicates the comments entered into all work orders belonging to the shipment.

6. On the operations page, you can now see any active alerts without opening the work order. Just click on the red alert icon.

7. When creating a new work order, the system will check if the container or manifest number is already in use on a active work order.

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