Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Build 33 Released

TrakIT - Build 33
Released: 28th February 2012

Build 33 has been released mid-week and includes three new features:

1. KPI Alerts Snooze - Alerts on work order KPIs can now be "snoozed" for one to seven days after which they become active again. To snooze an alert, simply select the number of days to snooze and then click 'Save'. When the set number of days have elapsed, the alert is activated again and emails are sent out to subscribed users again.

2. Bulk Updates for Work Order Events & Data - A large number (up to 100) of events and data in work orders can be updated in one go using a CSV file or CSV formatted data. Only the Work Order ID, the event/data code and the event date or data is required. Option of over-writing existing data is available only for Power Users and above. See System > Bulk Updates.

3. One-click Access to Work Orders - You can now open a particular work order in one click from the Operations page even if the work order doesn't appear on the first page. Simply enter the work order ID, container/manifest number or B/L number and click 'Go'. The first matching work order is opened directly. If more than one work orders match, the latest is opened directly.

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