Saturday, 3 March 2012

Build 34 Released

TrakIT - Build 34
Released: 2nd March 2012

Build 34 has been released and includes four new features:

1. Bulk Updates Expanded - The bulk update feature has again been expanded to incude direct copy/paste from MS-Excel instead of uploading CSV files (which users may not be comfortable with). The page can be accessed from System > Bulk Updates and contains instructions within.

2. Country Selection for Customers and Creation of New Customers - When creating or editing a work order, you can now choose the country to which the customer belongs. The auto-complete feature then works on the customers in that country. The default country is chosen as per the selected corridor. Additionally, if the customer does not exist in the database, a new customer can be created quickly using the 'Add New' link provided.

3. Events can by updated by Emails -  Users at remote locations (such as ports or depots) or on the move, who do not have access to TrakIT, can now update TrakIT by simply sending an email to a specific email address for your TrakIT installation (typically <yourcompany> The email must simply contain the full event name, followed by the container/manifest numbers on separate lines. The email is authenticated by TrakIT based on the sender's email address (which should belong to a valid TrakIT user) and the corresponding work order events are updated with the same date on which the email is received. A response email is sent back to the user within minutes indicating the work orders updated and those not updated.

Below is an example text for the email a user at the port might send to TrakIT:


The email does not require any signature and must not contain any other text. But, the subject line must begin with "TrakIT Update" (without quotes).

4. Saving of Export Filters - The selection of checkboxes in the Export page can now be saved by clicking the 'Save Filters' button. This way, the user does not need to select the fields for export every time an export is required.

The exported CSV can be opened in Excel, data can be changed and re-imported back into TrakIT via the Bulk Update feature.

For any questions or clarifications, please write to