Sunday, 18 March 2012

Consolidated Custom Reports

With build 37, a new type of Custom Report has been introduced. When creating a new Custom Report, you can now select between 'By Work Order' or 'By Bill of Lading'. Previously, Custom Report always presented information 'by work order'.

When you select a consolidated report, the number of basic fields available for adding are reduced to those that would ideally be the same for all work orders in a shipment. Additionally, only the events and data that are marked 'For B/L' are available for selection. KPIs are unchanged and all are available for selection.

When a shipment has work orders with different dates for the same event, the latest date is chosen along with a 'latest' suffix. KPI values are always averaged across work orders.

Additional Changes in build 37:

  1. A POP Inbox page has been added for System Administrators to view incoming emails and TrakIT's response to those emails.
  2. The restriction of requiring at least one primary service for a work order has been removed.
  3. Selection of customers for custom events, selection of users for document upload notification or selection of customers for custom reports, now does not require scrolling through long lists.
  4. XML spreadsheet exports were fixed to recognize dates and numbers.
Numerous other minor changes and fixes were implemented. If you have any questions or issues, kindly contact TrakIT Support.