Tuesday 9 August 2016

QR Codes - Tag your Shipments

Identification of parcels, packages and shipments can be tedious when done manually. TrakIT can now generate QR codes to identify shipments, packages and parcels quickly. QR codes are basically extended versions of bar-codes that can hold a lot more data.

QR codes can now be included in any form that is generated by TrakIT. The QR code can be scanned by any QR Code Scanner application either on your computer or on your mobile. Scanning the code and clicking the link will directly take you to the work order.

QR codes also ensure authenticity of documents as QR codes can contain encrypted data as well. We will be expanding new features in TrakIT using QR codes in a variety of ways.

A sample QR code in a form is shown below. Scanning the code will take you straight to the work order. In this example below, scanning the code will take you to the TrakIT Home page.

We will be adding the QR Code scanning capability soon in our Android application. For any questions, feedback or guidance, or to add a QR code on any of your forms in TrakIT, please contact TrakIT Support.