Wednesday 18 November 2020

Colour Your Reports!

TrakIT can generate large reports of numbers and text. Sometime, looking for specific values or conditions is crucial. With the latest update of TrakIT, you can specify an expression to change the colour of a field based on the value of the field in an Advanced or Query Report.

The colour expression is a simple JavaScript expression that can be used to evaluate the colour based on the value of the field. The value if the field is specified as $VALUE$ (in caps). The colour can be any common HTML colour names (available here) or a hexadecimal colour code. You can look up hexadecimal colour codes here.

In the above example, we have a simple rule. If the weight of the container exceeds 10,000kg, it will appear as red. If not, it will appear blue.

Expressions can also match text values. For example:


If you need precise colours, you can use hexadecimal codes as follows:


If you would like to change the background colour instead of the text colour just specify the prefix bg-


You can specify multiple condition using brackets:


The colour specified work only on Excel and HTML based reports. PDF support is coming soon. For any questions or clarifications, please write to TrakIT Support.

Monday 16 November 2020

Server Migration Testing (Maersk Only)

This article is for users of Maersk TrakIT only

Dear TrakIT Users,

As you may know, TrakIT will be migrated to a new server this coming Sunday (22nd). In preparation for the transition, we would like to request you to test the new TrakIT server and functionality as relevant to you. If you would like to take part in this test, please follow the procedure below and use the test instance of TrakIT as you normally would.

  1. Go to http://scrbtktdk009097/ (On Maersk Intranet Only). This is a new TEST version of TrakIT with data a few days old. If you get a 'SSO Authentication Failed' message, or any 'Authorization Fail' message, please stop and inform us (see below)
  2. Please use TrakIT as you normally would. You can cover/test below features. Any changes made on this TrakIT will be overwritten by production data on the 22nd.
    • Creating and working with Work Orders
    • Generating Reports (Workflow and Advanced)
    • Generating Forms / PDF 
    • Adding files/attachments
    • General usage/performance of system

The deadline for this test is Wednesday COB. Please revert with all your findings or success before then.

Region Administrators: Please ensure that there are at least 2 users from each country who can test.

If you encounter any issues, please report these immediately to TrakIT Support, along with screenshots, relevant details and exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Otherwise, please report a "success" confirmation.

Please note that this TEST TrakIT version CANNOT send emails. Email functionality will be tested by the application team.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

TrakIT Support Team

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Redesigned Geography & Access

Previously, the Geography & Access page was based on a Tree structure that was a bit challenging to navigate. Furthermore, there was no clear structure of the geographical hierarchy.

To alleviate these issues, we have redesigned the Geography & Access page to make it a lot easier to navigate and also create hierarchical levels based on pre-defined levels.

Level Name Description Example
0 Global The whole world. This cannot be modified or removed. NA
1 Region Continents or global regions. North America, Asia, Europe, Africa
2 Cluster Groups of Countries (optional) East Africa Cluster, Indian-Subcontinent, South-East Asia
3 Country Individual Countries India, Kenya, USA, Argentina
4 State State within a country (optional) Rajasthan, Nevada, California
5 Area Areas within a State (optional) Any area with a state - but larger than a city, containing one or more cities
6 City Cities or towns New York, London, Nairobi, Cape Town
7 Location (Depot) Specific locations / coordinates Any port, factory, ICD, depot, warehouse, customer address with a well-defined location

Based on the above table, your organisation's hierarchy can be defined in a more structured manner. Workflows can be assigned to any two geographic entities (except Locations).

The new Geography & Access page can be seen above - along with the actions that can be taken on the page, provided the user has the permission.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact TrakIT Support.

Monday 31 August 2020

TrakIT Data Retention Policy

In order to keep TrakIT performing efficiently and fast, we need to periodically reduce the load on the database by purging and deleting old data from the database. In this respect, we are introducing the TrakIT Data Retention Policy in the next update.

This policy will define when TrakIT will start purging old data from the database. The settings for this policy can be found at Admin > TrakIT Management > Data Retention Policy. The default settings are displayed below:

Most importantly - the default period for Work Orders is 7 years (84 months). If you would like to increase this (to a maximum of 10 years), please contact TrakIT Support.

If you would like to change any of the above default settings, please write to TrakIT Support at the earliest.

Friday 31 July 2020

Extending Workflow Groups

Workflow Groups have been a little used feature in TrakIT. These basically help you organize workflows into logical groups. Every workflow created in TrakIT belongs to a group (by default, there a group called 'General').

With the latest update, we're expanding Workflow Groups to play a larger role in organization and display of workflows. The Workflow Groups now has it's own page where these can be defined - this page is only accessible by System Administrators.

Menu Organisation

Workflow Groups is now available under the Admin menu for System Administrators only.

The 'Operations' menu has now been renamed to 'Workflows' and the workflow groups now appear as sub-menus under it. This means that each workflow group has it's own page. The columns displayed on the table on each workflow group can be customized as required.

The Finance > Shipments sub-menu is now renamed to "Workflows" and it displays all the relevant workflow groups as tabs in the page. It is possible to disable tabs for specific workflow groups that don't need to be in the Finance module.

In upcoming updates, workflow groups will be linked to roles so that users only see workflow groups relevant to their roles.

For any questions or concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.