Saturday, 27 October 2012

Message Broadcast & Container Tracking

With the latest release of TrakIT, we've added two new modules as well as other features:

Message Broadcast

TrakIT can now broadcast messages to a large group of users. This function is available to Admins and SysAdmins only.
The recipients can be chosen as a group of entities or user roles belonging to specified countries. If an Entity Type is chosen, a maximum of 4 countries can be selected. Irrespective of the selection of recipients, SysAdmins of TrakIT are always included as recipients.
The subject of the email and content, as well as a single attachment (of up to 1 MB) can be included in the broadcast.

Messages that are broadcast are stored in the list of messages which all users can read or download attachments from.

Container Tracking

The Container Tracking module is a special list of containers that are tracked across corridors. Events in a corridor can now be flagged as 'Entry' or 'Exit' events for the Container Tracking module. When an 'Entry' event is populated in a Work Order by a user (either via direct update, email update or bulk update), the container is added to the list of active containers (if not already there).
The allowed free days are copied from the work order that caused the entry of the container and the number of days are counted from the time of entry (which is the same as the event that triggered the entry).
Similarly, when an 'Exit' event is populated by a user, the system checks if the container in the Work Order is an active container in the Container Tracking list. If so, the container is "exited" from the list and grayed out. The Exit event could either be in the same corridor as the Entry event or a different one.
The Container Tracking Module does not currently provide email alerts for containers that are reaching the free days limit. This will be implemented in the next phase.
For any questions of concerns, please contact TrakIT Support.