Saturday, 13 October 2012

Some new features!

With the latest release, we've added some handy features to help you use TrakIT even better...

1) Entites included in Global Search - When you use the search box under the main menu, you will now see entites included in the search results as well. This can help you locate any entity quickly if you know only the partial name or code.

All kinds of entities are included in the search result - Customers, Transporters, Carriers, Bond Agents & Clearing Agents. Clicking on the Entity's name will pop up the Entity Details window.

2) Default start page for users - Users can now select their own start page instead of always starting with the Operations page. For example, open the Dashboard page, scroll down and click the star icon in the lower right corner of the page footer. The star icon will turn gold indicating that the page has been selected as the startup page. When starting TrakIT the next time, the Dashboard page will open first.

If you are opening TrakIT via a bookmark that points to the Operations page directly, then this feature won't work. Please make sure that any book mark points to the TrakIT application without any specific page associated with it.

3) Work Order page and other page URLs now appear a little simpler than before. So instead of seeing


you will see


4) Interactive Reports > Data Quality Reports - DQ reports will now exclude Cancelled Work Orders completely.

5) Dashboard Top 10 Pie Charts - Previously any work orders that was not assigned to the Pie chart selection criteria, was assigned under the 'Others' slice. Now, 'Empty' slices appear separately from 'Others'.

Besides the above, there have been several improvements and fixes. For any more information, please contact TrakIT Support.